What Do You Know About A Botox Injection?


Botox injection has been in practice for almost 15 years in the industry of cosmetic surgery as a popular treatment to decrease facial wrinkles. It has its source from the bacteria named Clostridium botulinum that appears to be hazardous in high doses, as it causes food poisoning. But, using small dilute quantities in the form of injection is safe and also secure, since it serves as a muscle relaxant. Botox is actually for treating creases as well as fine lines by injecting a small amount into your facial muscles. Click here for more information http://www.cliniquechloe.com/en/face/fine-lines-wrinkles/neuromodulators


Usually, chemicals released by the nerve cells cause the facial muscles to tighten, and this may cause frown lines. The purpose of Botox is to block these chemical signals, weaken the muscle contraction, and smooth the skin appearance. Botox does not completely paralyze the facial muscles as well as. Instead, it will certainly relax as well as reduce their response. Botox therapy can minimize the appearance of forehead wrinkles, crow's feet around your eyes, and frown lines. It can also be useful for treatment creases present around your mouth. If done properly, it has to have a gentle, relaxing effect without affecting your natural expression such as smiling or frowning.


Is It Safe To Use Botox For Eyelid Lift?



Botox injections are well established & recognized treatment, which is safe to execute by a qualified practitioner. However, there are some groups of individuals, who ought to not utilize Botox for eyelid lift. These include breastfeeding and pregnant women, and a person suffering from the disease, which affects the muscles or nerves. Some medicines are likely to react with Botox so that you have to consult your doctor in case you are taking drugs or antibiotics to control myasthenia gravis, Alzheimer's disease, or heartbeat irregularities. If you are allergic to any of Botox ingredients, you should not go through the treatment.


What happens at the time of your therapy? The surgeon will certainly first discuss your medical history and afterwards, evaluate the areas of your face that require Botox. Using a fine needle, a series of small injection will direct straight into your facial muscles. Because the injections cause no pain, you do not require an anaesthetic. Completing the whole procedure in a matter of minutes is possible. After finishing the procedure, you can quickly return to your normal activities. The beneficial effects of the treatment generally last for about 3 to six months.


Is There Any Side Effect?


Generally, the Botox treatment has mild side effects. Some patients may slightly experience a headache for 24 hours. In some cases, mild bruising of the injected area might also occur. Excess Botox can rarely cause droopy eyelids. However, this can be negligible if an experienced cosmetic surgeon carries out the therapy. You should immediately inform your consultant if you experience drooping eyelids. If you decide to have gummy smile correction with Botox, it is necessary to opt for the right cosmetic surgeon to do the treatment for you. Botox has a proven record for good results and also safety if only performed by reputable practitioners.

About Us

Many people combine Botox with the injections in order to relax muscles as well as smooth out facial lines. Without involving surgeries, Botox is fairly safe and also secure to use as a necessary beauty treatment procedure. More often, the Botox injection gets directed at a specific skin region, which requires wrinkle treatment, and the injection will work well on the frown lines as well as facial wrinkles. Right here, the main active ingredient will be the purified protein, which offers this injection the required qualities it has.


Clinique Chloé provides treatments, which bring about expected results within few days. The fine lines as well as wrinkles would not appear again for the next four to five months. You need to repeat the therapy procedure after four months to prevent fine lines from reappearing. If there are injuries in a specific area where you want to do the wrinkle therapy, you have to not start the injection prior to its healing. Furthermore, individuals with a history of hypersensitivity and neurological disorders need to monitor very closely while having this therapy.


Why Clinique Chloé?

As the best Botox clinic Montreal, we have a team of highly qualified experts and medical professionals deft in safely delivering dermal fillers as well as anti-wrinkle injections. Our deep perceptive of facial aesthetics in both males and females produce a look, which is more natural as well as youthful as well. The process consists of:

- All our therapy starts with a private consultation including a complete facial evaluation by our professional team. If we find the therapy is suitable, we discuss the client's area of issue, check out options, and at last, choose a personal therapy plan.

- Soon after the consultation, we commence the treatment. The procedure is quite easy as well as simple to ensure that takes only mins. We use a fine needle to inject into the targeted facial muscle.

- We provide all our clients with complete post-treatment care advice before they leave the clinic. We also offer an alternative follow up appointment 2 weeks after the treatment for assessment.


What We Offer:

Clinique Chloé has an outstanding crew of experienced doctors as well as surgeons who provide treatment for acne, facial rejuvenation, as well as laser hair removal in addition to providing support for reducing wrinkles, facial veins, and also lines on eyes. We help a great deal of individuals with the risk-free as well as reliable Botox treatment. With a proper license, we can also offer lots of other cosmetic procedures under proper supervision. Our primary purpose is your skin preservation and also utmost care of the patients.


Through a careful and also meticulous process, our clinic tries to have minimal adverse effects after completing the therapy. By the help of our reputed Botox clinic injection, the patients get smooth, steady, and reliable results in no time. In addition, we do not reveal your medical condition, test reports, as well as treatments undertaken to any person. The elegant effect of skilled cosmetic surgeons and also Botox treatment forms a magical amalgamation in our Botox clinic. We offer an outstanding solution to almost all your skin problems. In case you have any type of urge for the plastic surgery, you should try the best Botox doctors Montreal for getting a satisfying result.